How to furnish your home affordably and stress-free

Posted by Catharine Jones on Aug 6, 2018 4:00:00 PM

You’ve finally found the perfect place to live, great! Now, you just have to furnish it. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, it is always hard to find the perfect pieces to complement your house, without breaking your budget. It might seem like an impossible task to fully furnish your house with a small budget but don’t fear there are ways of achieving a stylish home without spending a fortune.

Here are some tips on how to furnish your house on a budget:


  1. Revamp your old furniture.

Instead of buying all new furniture, give your old furniture new life. If you have items sitting around your home that are a little outdated, jump online and look into DIY furniture flips. A new layer of paint or a good sanding can transform an old piece of furniture into a modern marvel. Not only will this save you money but it is also a good way to increase the lifespan of your product, helping your wallet and the environment.


  1. Hire your furniture.

A great way to reduce initial move-in expenses is to hire a furniture package. Rental companies like 2ndLease now offer whole home packages that furnish your entire home. You have the option to furnish a 1 bedroom house or up to a 5 bedroom house. If you are only after a couple of items, you can rent them separately. Look out for the companies with minimal upfront costs and weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options, perfect to suit your pay cycle. With no delivery or installation costs it is a great way to take some of the stress out of moving.


  1. Take your time.

Don’t ‘panic buy’ and buy the first couch that catches your eye. One of the biggest issues now is that people jump into large item purchases that they don’t actually like and end up throwing them away shortly after. Take your time. I am sure that you can handle sitting on the floor for another couple of weeks while you pick the perfect couch. Browse online, and find the piece that you actually like. Once you know what you are looking for you can check out places that have similar items and look for the most affordable one. A great way to browse different styles is to go on sites like Pinterest which will help inspire you and give you a full knowledge of the types of products out there.


  1. Go second hand.

It might not be as glamorous as buying something brand new, but second-hand stores have cheap and reliable items that won’t break your budget. Websites like Gumtree and Ebay allow you to happily scroll through second-hand goods from the comfort of your own home, where you can place bids on items and most of the time you can score a super good deal. It is also a great way to see what is out there that you could repurpose for your home, at a low cost. Another great source of second hand goods are the markets. Pop-up markets can carry an array of furniture and household goods that would otherwise be thrown away. If you are lucky you can usually drop the price even lower with just a touch of sweet talking.


  1. Less is best.

Don’t over clutter. It can be hard not to cram as much as you can into a small room, but you must resist, like they always say, ‘less is more’. Find some great pieces that complement each other and make them the statement in the room. When there is too much going on in the room it can take away from the overall aesthetic. If you are short on cash you are most likely short on space as well.  Not only this, when you have less in a room, it means you don’t have to buy as much, costing you less for a more clean cut finish.


  1. Go for smaller.

It can be tempting to choose the big brand names such as Ikea to find your household good’s but they don’t always have the best price. With big demand comes big prices. Ikea knows that people will buy their items as they are such a large and reputable company, but that doesn’t mean their prices are justified. If big brand items are a little out of your price range, head to smaller local places that offer unique pieces for half the price. This way when people walk into your home they won’t have seen your coffee table a thousand times before. 


  1. Splurge on quality.

It might seem easier to go straight to the cheapest option and buy that $200 couch, but how long is that couch going to last you? Make an investment and spend that little bit extra on a product that is better quality and will last you twice as long. It’s always important to remember that everything you throw away will end up in landfill. Choosing quality for the extra price will help the environment and benefit your wallet in the long run.