Sail smoothly into your ideal share house

Posted by Catharine Jones on Aug 28, 2018 3:44:34 PM

Making the transition from living at home into a share house can be a daunting task. Whether it be a share house with friends or with people you don’t know, there is a lot to consider to make it work. Here are some insights and tips to smoothly sail through organising and occupying your first share house.


Finding the ideal rental:

There’s a lot to think about when considering the perfect rental. Is it too expensive, is it in the right suburb, does it have enough space. On top of this, when you are moving into a share house, you are also faced with the issue of finding a house that everyone actually likes. If you are living with people you know sometimes this process can be a little easier as you already know what each other want. However, when you are moving in with people you don’t know it can be a little harder. In this situation it is important to be considerate and compromise, ensuring that you do not start the whole living together experience on the wrong foot. Look for rentals that suit the needs of everyone and be willing to compromise a little on size or location to ensure everyone is satisfied with the chosen property.


Who brings what:
If you are living with your friends it makes it easier to ask people what they can and can’t bring to the house. If you are planning on moving in with people you have never met its important to keep it pleasant and make sure you are contributing your share. An option to reduce upfront costs and the stress of moving in is to rent your furniture. Through rental companies, like 2ndLease, you can hire just one product or you can choose from a variety of furniture packages that can furnish the whole house. Each housemate would contribute the same amount to rental payments eliminating the stress of allocating who brings what. Through furniture rentals, there are no large upfront costs to purchase the furniture and in most cases the companies will deliver and install with no additional charge.  


Who, what, how, when:

Now onto paying the rent. This involves deciding who, what and when. What room goes to who, who pays what for their room and when will it be paid. In any share house it is essential to outline from the beginning what each room is worth. Avoid the potential of a bidding war where each person is trying to get their room price the lowest by deciding a price for each room before they are allocated to the person. Make sure everyone knows what day they are expected to pay their rent, overdue rent makes the property manager angry and doesn’t reflect well on your rental history.


Keeping the peace:

You are finally moved in and settled in your new share house, now it’s about maintaining a peaceful house. An important task at the start of any share house is to outline the rules. What chores are going to be done weekly and by who. The easiest way to get around this is to create a schedule. Stick it on the fridge and that way everyone knows who is meant to be doing what and when. Another great idea is to create a schedule for purchasing household cleaning products. No one likes feeling like they are the only one buying toilet paper for the house, it can lead to a build-up of anger and tension within the house. Communication is key. The best way to keep in contact with all your roommates is by creating a group chat. Let people know where you are, what you are doing and see if they want to join. Building good relationships with your roommates will make your life a thousand times easier.